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Media Cloud

Migrate Human Made S3 Uploads

This command will generate the required metadata for any media uploads that were uploaded with Human Made’s S3 Uploads plugin. You must have S3 Uploads installed and activated.

wp mediacloud:storage migrateS3Uploads [--limit=<number>] [--offset=<number>] [--page=<number>] [--order-by=date|title|filename] [--order=asc|desc]
Argument Type Optional Description
limit number yes Limits the number of items to be processed, used with offset or page to process batches.
offset number yes The starting index to return a range of results, cannot be used with page.
page number yes The starting index to return a range of results in terms of pages, cannot be used with offset. The page index start at 1. For example, specify a limit of 100 and a page of 2 would return results 100-200.
order-by string yes The field to sort the items to be imported by. Valid values are date, title and filename.
order string yes The sort order. Valid values are asc and desc.