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Media Cloud

Features Variables

These environment variables control which features are enabled or disabled.

Variable Type Description
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_STORAGE boolean Cloud storage is enabled.
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_IMGIX boolean Imgix is enabled.
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_MEDIA_UPLOAD boolean Direct Upload is enabled.
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_CROP boolean Crop tool is enabled.
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_VIDEO_ENCODER boolean Video encoding tool is enabled.
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_OPTIMIZER boolean Image optimization is enabled.
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_VISION boolean Vision is enabled.
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_ASSETS boolean Asset feature is enabled.
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_BROWSER boolean Storage browser is enabled.
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_DEBUGGING boolean Debugging is enabled.
MCLOUD_TOOL_ENABLED_IMAGE_SIZES boolean Image size editor is enabled.
MCLOUD_VIEW_CACHE path File path to store intermediate views that Media Cloud renders when displaying the admin UI.